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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Sometime in September four years ago, I started writing for this site. I’d actually decided I wanted to join sometime before that, but getting the gig seemed like an exclusive club I didn’t know the password to. Turns out the password is get drunk with the editor-in-chief, Declan, and compliment his cooking. I’d met Declan […]

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Review – Doesn’t Quite Find Itself

The Harry Potter series has always had a strong undercurrent of political themes. From the in-universe use of terms like “mudblood” to describe those from not-entirely-magical families, to the student uprising against tyranny that was the backdrop of the latter instalments, writer J.K. Rowling consistently made political struggle a core tenet of her fantasy world. […]

Doctor Strange Review – Less Than Supreme

Not since The Avengers has there been a Marvel film so necessary to be seen on the big screen. The psychedelic, spaced-out visuals that populate Doctor Strange make it a vital cinema experience to truly take in the kaleidoscopic wonder on offer. It’s just a pity that behind the glorious special effects is a superhero […]

The Girl With All The Gifts Review – All The Gifts Is Right

Though often wilfully jovial affairs, zombie films can, when done right, leave a remarkably candid impression. Vehicles for splatter and gore on the surface, the most respected adventures of the living dead usually have a much deeper meaning behind all the makeup and headshots. Movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead hold […]

Disney Quash Mulan White-Washing Rumors

The internet was set aflame recently with a report that Disney’s live action Mulan would contain a white male lead, as opposed to the Asian woman of the 1998 animated version. The buzz got so strong, Disney finally decided to cut through the noise and quell the rumours with an emphatic “Nope!” In a statement […]

X-23 Confirmed For New Wolverine Movie

Female Wolverine clone-daughter (don’t ask) X-23 will make her live action debut in upcoming third Wolverine solo film, Logan. The character, who’ll be played by Sienna Novikov, will be known in the movie as Laura and she’ll be a villain Along with this reveal, it’s been confirmed it’s her hand Logan is holding in the […]

Don’t Breathe Review – Do Watch, Though

Free from the baggage of remaking a cult classic, as was his 2013 feature film debut Evil Dead, director Fede Alvarez has opted to make a dense, minimal thriller of his very own. Made with the co-operation of the producers from Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe is a claustrophobic, grueling riff on the cabin in the […]

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lead Heroes Are Siblings

Bioware have decided to have both in the gender choice that will begin Mass Effect Andromeda by making both the male and female characters parts of the story, as siblings. The norm for previous Mass Effect games was a choice of gender in character creation, so players could make their own particular Shepard to their […]

Why The Voyage Home Is the Best Star Trek Film

[Spoiler Warning: The Voyage Home, The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock are spoiled in this piece.] Star Trek has always had a troubled relationship with the big screen. There’s no point in trying to deny it – the voyages of the starship Enterprise have always suited the freedom, flexibility and constraint that […]

Lights Out Review – Better In The Dark

Horror is a genre that often benefits from as little explanation as possible. Nothing is more terrifying than the unknown and cruelty is all the moreso when it is without reason. Lights Out is a horror film with plenty of gumption for scares that spends far too much time explaining itself when it could be […]