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Rocket #1 – Raccoon Hijinks Galore

Rocket #1 – Raccoon Hijinks Galore


Trash Panda Detective

Yesterday was new comic day so of course I toddled down and got myself a few regular issues and number ones to get stuck into. One of the new releases I picked up was Rocket #1. As you probably know (and if not, do you not leave the house?), Rocket is a core member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Along with his ragtag group of criminals and weirdos (insert: Drax), he fights bad guys while cracking wise and shooting all the things.

Published by
Written by
Al Ewing
Art by
Adam Gorham

Rocket’s a bit of an a-hole, but he’s so damn likeable he quickly became a firm favourite of mine, so naturally I picked up the first issue of his solo comic! I figured even if the art was disappointing, it’d still be a bit of craic, so I took a chance on it and I’m glad I did.

In issue one, we see an old flame re-enter Rocket’s life. This same flame broke his heart and betrayed him, so what could go wrong, right? Regardless of the dangers of helping an ex-lover, embers of lingering love can convince even the hardiest of people to do something stupid. In this case, getting back into the heist game.

Rob Your Heart

Breaking this comic down to its bare bones, it’s a heist story set in space. Not only does this leave room for lots of stories over a long time, it’s also the perfect setting for keeping things interesting. Heists involve lots of risks and run-ins with less than savoury individuals, which is where a character like Rocket shines.

But this comic isn’t just about the cheeky, kind of psychotic badass we know and love from the movies; it also involves a lot of the old Rocket, the Rocket that traipsed around the galaxy causing havoc before he joined the Guardians. We see flashbacks of his life and how much he’s changed over the years, which is a nice side to see more of after Rocket’s issues were touched upon in GotG2.


Writer Al Ewing and artist Adam Gorham are in cahoots for this title. Honestly I wasn’t that familiar with Gorham‘s work before now, but he has had some very cool collabs with Jordie Bellaire. After Rocket, I can honestly say I’m a fan; his characters are so expressive and turning the pages is almost like watching a movie play out. If I ever see Gorham‘s name on a front cover, I’ll almost certainly pick it up right off the bat because of the art awaiting inside.

So Good So Solo

Story-wise it’s nothing new, but it’s fun and it delves into the exploits of a beloved character, so I’m not complaining. Actually I do have a small complaint to be honest… my bad!

The group of misfits that Rocket teams up with to complete the heist are fairly vanilla, and that’s being kind. The group features an egg/duck thing, a blue snake woman, a guy that speaks like an android and looks like a reject from The Land Before Time concept board, and finally a poor man’s Wolverine. Oh and there’s some chick with green hair. That’s literally all I remember about her, which says a lot. Unfortunately, the group is pretty forgettable, but Rocket is Cher enough to carry this comic all on his own. After all, his name’s on the cover. He’s got this shit.

Ultimately, it’s a fun read with great, expressive art and a brilliant lead character. What more can you ask for, really?