STK620420 I read Half Past Danger 6 before I read Superior Spider-Man this week.

Now that you know how serious I am about this book …

Creator, writer and art: Stephen Mooney
Jordie Bellaire
Stephen Mooney
Subscription variant:
Rebekah Isaacs.

The wait is over, HPD6 is finally out after being delayed for what felt like eons and believe you me it doesn’t disappoint. Dames, dinosaurs and danger, that’s always been the promise with this series and issue 6 more than delivers all this and more. After last issues revelation (which I won’t spoil) the gang are in a tough spot to say the very least. The Nazi’s have the dinosaurs and the upper hand. Naturally Flynn and the gang aren’t giving up that easy though. In keeping with the HPD tradition its all go from the get go with the series finale. Tension mounts and the plot thickens. HPD is the comic book series that knows it belongs on the big screen. It’s as if two blockbuster movies (Indiana Jones & Jurassic Park) had some kind of … secret baby that was raised as a comic book series but always had strong cinematic traits that set it apart.

Does that make sense to anybody else? Probably not no. But anyway, Mooney’s on top form here as usual. The art style is fast paced, bold and dynamic all while keeping fantastic clarity and detail throughout. With page and panel layouts that are out of this world I think you’ll understand where I’m getting these big screen vibes from here, and those splash pages? John Noble man … I knew he was practically a tank but .. wow. I almost didn’t even notice when Ishikawa ninja’d those Nazis to bits behind him. Jordie Bellaire’s colors though are what really what strengthens the whole experience for me. I’ve said before how she gives the entire book that old wear and tear feel with the yellow page edging that truly immerses you into the timeline giving you that old school pulp feel the series is famous for by now.

slcnWhile I’m going to give out yards to anyone who hasn’t read HPD yet, at the same time I almost envy them having all six issues to dive into now back to back. I know I say this anytime I’m asked about the series too but Tommy Flynn’s accent and … lets call it his charm, are always a high point for me.

“Looks straightforward enough … shite.”

Even typing that out I’m still laughing to myself now.

The dinosaurs though man, I haven’t been this afraid of a T-Rex since Tomb Raider II, Nor have I ever felt as bad for a group of dinosaurs since Land Before Time. It’s all very conflicting. Meteors, comets, asteroids, they have nothing on Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn. So yeah, Half Past Danger # 6. Just stop what your doing and go get it now, it’ll go well with the other 5 issues I sent you out for last time. With an ending that could rival a Marvel movie post credit sequence fans of HPD aren’t going to be too sad when they reach the final pages of this issue. Just like the last five issues, you’ll be left wanting more.

So hats off to Stephen Mooney, Jordie Bellaire and the entire team for what’s definitely been one of the best breakthrough series of the year.

Summer, 1943 and in the midst of a war waged by monsters,

Staff sergeant Tommy ‘Irish’ Flynn never expected to encounter a real one.

But on a remote island in the south pacific theater, Flynn and his squad come face-to-fanged-face with creatures long thought dead.

As the world falls apart, a unique set of characters come together:

An embittered Irishman in a war not his own,

A beautiful and enigmatic British agent,

A U.S Marine Captain with incredible resilience and a secret,

And a mysterious operative from the land of the Rising Sun.

All served up in a stew of piping-hot Nazi intrigue.