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Actor Joel McHale Set To Join The X-Files Revival

The name Joel McHale will soon be found under the credits of the upcoming X-Files series, as the actor/comedian is set to join the cast. McHale will take on the role of a conservative news anchor who, with the use of his online presence, helps champion Agent Mulder’s work. McHale has recently finished the sixth season of the comedy […]

Lego: Dimensions Announcement Trailer

Forget Avengers: Infinity Wars and Justice League, this is the crossover we didn’t even know we wanted! Warner Bros. Gaming released the adorable trailer for Lego: Dimensions today. Featuring Batman, Gandalf, Wildstyle as they received much needed assistance from some guy called Joel McHale to return to their world that’s been ripped apart, where every Lego universe […]

The US IT Crowd (Pilot Episode)

The IT Crowd is back or at the very least it's back in the US. A brand new version of the show could be taking off if the pilot episode goes well with audiences in America. Featuring Richard Ayoade and Joel McHale, can the Americans get it right? Or will it blue screen and crash? Click here and find out now!