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Review: Megadeth, Super Collider

Megadeth’s 21st Century run has been something of a phenomenon. For a metal band to be putting out albums with their kind of regularity is almost unheard of, especially for a group of their vintage. That the albums in question include some of the best work of their decades-long career (lineup changes notwithstanding) is also […]

MEGADETH: The Retrospective Review

With news that metal elder statesmen Megadeth have recently put the finishing touches on their latest salvo of rhythm-and-riffs “Super Collider”, there’s no better time to comb over the band’s rather extensive back catalogue! Liam grabs his headphones and traces the bands history! Check it out now!

Fright Music: Playlist

Halloween has been and gone but we're not ready to give up our favourite time of year just yet! With many people still set on dressing up for the night and hell the weekend, Liam has put together the perfect playlist to keep you in the mood of ghosts, ghouls and gore! Check it out now!