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ZompireWolf Reaches Funding Goal

Zompirewolf has reached its target and we at The Arcade could not be happier to congratulate them on doing so! This lovable zombie/wolf/vampire will be given life very soon and be available on mobile devices in the near future. Durtbird Games are the first Irish indie game developer to have successfully kickstarted the project. Hopefully […]

ZompireWolf’s Target Almost Reached

With only 13 hours to go, the team at DurtBird Games only have €600 to go to make ZompireWolf a reality. Endless running iOS and Android mobile game, you guide ZompireWolf through the gorgeous treacherous terrains all the time being chased by the forever youthful Professor. The game is due to be built and available […]

Meet the Bad Guy Of ZompireWolf

Ever wondered how it feels to be the bad guy? 16 year old Dylan explains how he became the bad guy in ZompireWolf an Irish developed game currently undergoing fundraising on Kickstarter. Sometimes the most interesting characters in history are the villains. We all love a good hero but without a great villain, a hero […]