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Zombie Short Films – EwTube

YouTube is a fantastic platform for creatives, and there are some superb short films published by up and coming filmmakers and actors. Although the films may only be a few minutes long and with tiny budgets, there are some really brilliant stories being told by unknowns. This week for EwTube we’re looking at zombie-themed short […]

The Walking Dead S6 Ep 11 ‘Knots Untie’ Review

After the fun and surprises from the previous episode, I didn’t quite know what to expect in ‘Knots Untie’. I didn’t think the writers would continue steering the show far from its dark depths, and although they haven’t quite returned to the doom and gloom of seasons past, they’re definitely experimenting with some interesting new themes for the series. […]

Walker Stalker Con London Review

1313Walker Stalker Con, the US-based convention event inspired by comic and TV series, The Walking Dead shuffled its way to the UK. Walker Stalker Con London took place in the Olympia London and I dragged my carcass over the pond for it last weekend. The guest list for the weekend was peppered with some of the biggest names from the […]