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Pre-Order – Problems And Patience

We all know the feeling of seeing a game come up for pre-order online. One that you’ve been itching to play. Sometimes we’ve ordered it before we’ve even thought twice about the details. Now imagine that the game you’ve just ordered hasn’t even a determined release date and is more than likely two years away […]

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Launching Retail November 18th

With Microsoft’s recent purchase of Mojang for a cool $2.5 Billion, they have confirmed a physical copy of the game will be available on November 18th. Digital copies of Minecraft are currently available on the marketplace and for those who previously owned a digital copy of the 36o version, a digital upgrade is available for €5. “Minecraft fans […]

Preview: Titanfall

Titanfall, you probably heard a LOT about it, and rightly so. In short it’s a first person sci-fi shooter from the makers of Call Of Duty, which, last generation completely defined all first person shooters with Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, like it or not, Modern Warfare was a benchmark in first person shooters […]