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X-Men: New Mutants Officially Begins Casting

The X-Men franchise continues to grow at Fox. One of the newest entrants in the franchise is the upcoming New Mutants. The movie will be directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) based on a script by both Boone and Knate Gwaltney. The casting process has now begun on the film as well. After many rumours and much speculation, The Hollywood Reporter is […]

New Mutants Film Enters Pre-Production

New heroes take centre stage After many months of speculation, it would appear that 20th Century Fox has finally pulled the trigger on a New Mutants stand alone film. Last week, screenwriter/director Josh Boone posted a photo of his birthday cake to Instagram with the New Mutants logo on it. Boone also posted a second photo […]

Logan Review

Hugh Jackman first appeared as Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. Prior to that his most notable roll was in Paperback Hero where he played a “handsome roadtrain driver with a secret”, but since then he’s transformed himself into a feral killing machine and everyone’s favourite high-functioning alcoholic since their Grandad. So here we are 17 years later and give or […]

11 Signs You Grew Up With Superheroes

You’ve tried moving objects with your mind. Just in case. You have thought extensively about what your costume would be. On that same subject, you personally own at least one cape. You’ve pretended to be Wolverine using stationary and other household items more than once. You’ve seen cities get blown up way too many times for […]

Hugh Jackman Thanks All Wolverine Fans With A Video

As Logan hits our screens and Wolverine fans everywhere crowd into the cinemas to catch what could be the best stand-alone Wolverine film. Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman took some time to thank his fans. In an Instagram video he posted, he thanked the fans for “seventeen awesome years.” The music featured is Johnny Cash‘s ‘Hurt’, which also featured in […]