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Has X-23 Been Confirmed For Logan?

Plenty of infromation has been teased and released for Logan, the third Wolverine film, but has X-23 been confirmed by the filmmakers? The possible reveal comes from the official Instagram page where they post a picture of actress Dafne Keen with the caption “Laura”. Laura A post shared by @ wponx on Oct 23, 2016 at 7:23am PDT Why is […]

X-23 Confirmed For New Wolverine Movie

Female Wolverine clone-daughter (don’t ask) X-23 will make her live action debut in upcoming third Wolverine solo film, Logan. The character, who’ll be played by Sienna Novikov, will be known in the movie as Laura and she’ll be a villain Along with this reveal, it’s been confirmed it’s her hand Logan is holding in the […]

Singer Pitching New Female Wolverine

It’s no big secret that Hugh Jackman is planning on leaving his character Wolverine behind after his upcoming solo movie, but it would probably surprise you to know that Bryan Singer has already been pitching a replacement to the studio with a new female Wolverine. If the idea and the story appeals, the mutant Laura Kinney (also […]

All-New Wolverine Uncovers New Siblings

If you’ve checked out our All-New All-Different Marvel, Characters To Watch post, you’ll know that X-23 has now taken up the mantle of Wolverine in the Marvel comic universe. Speaking to Comic Book Resources, All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor helps us get to the bottom of the developing storyline that currently has Laura discovering the existence of […]