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Pokémon Is Evil! Apparently!

Pokémon is evil! Seriously! Well no not seriously but according to this Pastor it’s a gateway to the occult, witchcraft and other such dark and evil things! Now I’ve been playing Pokémon on and off really since it first hit the shelves. I’ve spent a small island’s fortune on toys, collectibles and stickers! Last time […]

Gif Essay: Netflix And Chill

So this is apparently a thing that young people are doing and I’m hardly old (I’m older though) but when bae text asking to Netflix and chill recently I didn’t quite realise what was expected of me! Much to my own amusement and their annoyance! Allow me to elaborate in the best way I can… […]

Cat Crowned Halloween King

Just give up! Put the latex down! Take the makeup off! Put the bin bags back into the press under the sink! This cat has taken the Halloween crown! Never ever has a cat looked so adorable and so angry at the same time! He’s working and hating every second he wears the costume proving […]

Video: Super Sexy Saiyans

It’s Monday and we all need something to put a little perk in our steps! The coffee won’t do it, the cold weather won’t do it, the sudden realisation that you’re already 15 minutes late for class/getting the kids out the door/work then you’re going to need the next best thing… This ridiculously bizarre, odd, […]

WTF?! Dancing Queen

What happens when Jigsaw meets the Bride of Frankenstein? Well that offspring becomes some sort of weird dancing Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland baby with terrifying 2D puppet leeches attached to it all dancing in unison to some sick beats! And you really thought the internet couldn’t get weird? Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain […]