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Warcraft Movie Gets Interactive Trailer

For the upcoming Warcraft movie, Legendary Pictures have released an interactive trailer where we get a 360 degree view of the world. In the video, you can manually steer the camera as you ride a Gryphon over the human city of Stormwind. It has been very well received so far, with over 500k hits on YouTube. Fans […]

Style Saturday: Ink and Ice

This week, I’ve been mostly playing Splatoon and Heroes of the Storm and by that I mean every spare moment I have. Sacrificing sleep, cutting time out of my daily routine, (Coco Pops are just as good for dinner as they are lunch and breakfast) so I can literally spend every chance I have either making the world around […]

Opinion: The Rise and Fall of the MMORPG

After some years where MMORPGs were created like sausages in a production line, things calmed down and it was time to address the elephant in the room. What once seemed like a phenomenal way to make it rain had become a daunting development and business task that was mostly an exercise in failure. The genre […]

Five Favourite Food Games

You know I really wish games began with an ‘F’ purely for the sake alliteration in the headline! Moving on, it’s Thursday and it’s time for a list and in the spirit of gorging ones self on all kinds of delicious  things, this week the power of the list is dedicated to games about food […]