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Wolverine 3 Wraps Filming In New Mexico

Filming for Wolverine 3, the newest film in the X-Men franchise, officially wrapped yesterday. Most of shooting took place in New Mexico during the summer. This will be the third instalment in the solo Wolverine series and it is the last time Hugh Jackman plays the titular character also. Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to thank the […]

R-Rated Wolverine 3 Begins Filming

More details have been released about Wolverine 3 starring Hugh Jackman, which has already begun filming. Simon Kinberg, producer of the X-Men movies did not confirm or deny the rumours about Patrick Stewart’s appearance as Professor X. Speaking to Collider he said simply “I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say about that. I will agree with you that […]

Wolverine 3 Could Feature Sabretooth

Wolverine 3 has more rumours and whispers surrounding it than Wolverine’s own personal history! The biggest one to date concerns itself with the main plot of the movie with many speculating inspiration will be drawn from Mark Millar and Steven McNiven‘s ‘Old Man Logan’ series. Now that rumour has become a little more plausible after […]