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Nintendo To Expand Their Business

Gaming fans might have heard that back in the day, dear old Nintendo was very different to what it is today. Back before they made themselves a household name in gaming, the company was known for several other business such as food production and… love hotels. Needless to say, the hotel business didn’t exactly pan out, […]

Pokken Tournament Confirmed As WiiU Exclusive

Nintendo have confirmed that their upcoming  Pokkén Tournament release will be a WiiU exclusive title. The 3D versus fighting game lets players battle Pokémon in fighting arenas,  has been bulking up its roster in recent weeks. Chandelure, Braixen, Mewtwo and Garchomp are among the newsest Pokemon to be added. The various playable modes have also […]

Mincraft Finally Coming To WiiU

Minecraft is coming to the WiiU, as detailed in a recent Mojang update. It will be available for about $30 from December 17 via the WiiU’s digital store. It will also come with several add-ons to start, likely in the form of skin packs and texture packs. Given the WiiU’s gamepad it could be interesting to […]

Pokkén Tournament Coming To Wii U In Spring 2016

Pokéfans rejoice! The Pokémon World Championships have landed in Boston, and with the opening ceremony came the exciting news that Pokkén Tournament is en route to the Wii U in Spring 2016. Pokkén Tournament, which developed in partnership between Bandai Namco Entertainment and The Pokémon Company, landed in Japanese arcades this summer despite being teased […]