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T.O.P Releases New Music Video for Upcoming Web Drama

T.O.P, the main rapper of BIGBANG, isn’t often afforded the chance to show off his singing skills. In fact, up until the recent release of ‘If You’ from the MADE series, most fans would be lucky to have ever heard him sing. However, during promotions for the upcoming web drama, Secret Message, where T.O.P. stars opposite Japanese actress Ueno Juri, a […]

New Web Series – Pokédex Animated

Forget all television – the pinnacle of programming has been reached and nothing will top this (until something else does!). YouTuber and animator Versiris has started a new online series ‘Pokedex Animated’, each episode will feature a brand new Pokémon giving a detailed breakdown of that Pokémon’s bio including their size, their locations in various regions […]

First Images Of Dredd Web-Series

A new sister series to 2012’s Dredd, Judge Dredd: Superfiend, is almost here. Courtesy of Adi Shankar, the series will see the first time Judge Dredd’s arch-nemesis Judge Death has been committed to screen, even if its animated and on the web. Entertainment Weekly has the first look at the cartoon series! The series isn’t […]