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EwTube: Totes Inappropes

Right it should go without saying that these videos are totally NSFW and may cause offence to those with a sensitive nature and should only be watched alone, in the dark under a blanket away from Gods eyes! I just want to make sure that every one reading this is aware that yes these videos […]

EwTube: Unforgettable Simpsons

It’s back from the grave and so are these clips! Yes, we’ve brought ‘EwTube’ back, where our writers gather smatterings and oodles of the weird, funny and bizarre videos posted online right to you. In honour of its return, and because it’s bloody hump day, this week we’ve devoted EwTube to some of the best […]

YouTuber of the Week: Jenna Marbles

 “As weird and awful and terrible as it may seem to be yourself sometimes, it will always reward you.” I’m sure almost everyone has seen her video “How to trick people into thinking you’re really good looking” Once I saw this video I was hooked. I wanted Jenna to be my best friend for ever!And […]

Music Monday: 6/1/2014

It’s the first Music Monday of 2014 and I am pleased to report that the January music drought hasn’t QUITE kicked in yet and while there is one track here that came out all the way back in 2013, chances are you haven’t heard it yet. You know what Charles Manson said in that Simpsons […]

Music Monday: 21/10/2013

  Mondays are shit. We all know this. You know what’s not shit? Music. In the spirit of these two universal truths we, here at The Arcade, bring you Music Monday; every Monday I’ll be picking four tunes from all over the world that might have slipped under your radar, in the hopes that they […]