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Before I begin I will warn you that this article is spoiler heavy! I had an experience in gaming that I’ve never had before, guilt. Don’t get me wrong I’ve played games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead or Spec Ops: The Line, whereas guilt is forced on you in those titles. You cannot progress until […]

Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield this generation has been an ever-morphing franchise, Battlefield 4 is the final title for this generation’s console lineup, the million dollar question is: will Battlefield 4  go out with a bang or a whimper? The answer is simple. Battlefield 4 does not go out on a bang, it goes out with the most gloriously […]

Battlefield 4 Beta: Initial Impressions

Please note that as of writing Battlefield 4 is in Beta stages, so it is not representative of the finished product. I guess I’ll get the ball rolling by talking about “Siege of Shanghai” the map featured in the Beta. Of course, if you haven’t paid attention to Battlefield 4 the pinnacle of the map […]