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The Vlogbrothers – Nerd Icon

Way back when everyday internet was still a toddler, a little known online video platform was just starting to get some traction; two brothers started sending self-made videos to each other as a way to keep in touch. Though short and simple, their videos started gaining more and more viewers from which the YouTube duo […]

5 Worst Uses Of Celebrities In Video Games

It’s always great when multi-million dollar companies try to shoehorn in Hollywood’s finest to promote or feature in their products. Historically, celebrities have had a tumultuous relationship with marketing video games due to lack of interest or media training, but it’s always fun to see them have a stab at acting as though they care. The Rock – […]

Ben Lovely Time Pixel Art – Gallery

Hey Kid, you like Pixel Art? Sure you do. You’re on the internet. This is a vertical slice of Ben Bates‘ portfolio. He does pop-culture, public figures, video game art, and his own head. I can work with words, but this guy is damn handy with little different coloured squares. Check out his stuff below: […]

Blizzard Senior VP Chris Metzen To Retire

An announcement came on Monday that shocked the online gaming community. Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development, Chris Metzen, has decided to retire from Blizzard Entertainment. Chris shaped many of Blizzard’s game universes, most prominently on World of Warcraft. Much of the lore and background stories behind games like World of Warcraft, Diablo and the […]

Style Saturday – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has taken the world by storm (literally) ever since it was released earlier this month. The long-awaited video game hasn’t disappointed, with its magnificent and beautiful open-world gaming experience. Every player has been astounded by the level of detail and beauty put into creating a unique game that is something new and special […]