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New Teaser Trailer For Hemlock Grove Season 3

Netflix’ own series, Hemlock Grove has got its first teaser trailer for what will be the third and final season of the show, and it’s teasing a somewhat blood-filled affair. The original show follows the odd stories, drama and romances of the vampires, werewolves and monsters that occupy the town. The previous season was well received […]

Screen Savers: BloodRayne

Games, movies, comics and books. Whichever your poison may be, we all instinctively have a morbid curiosity for the unappealing among them. The kind that look just tantalising enough for you to want to take a small bite. Screen Savers is on hand to take a chunk out of the bitter and satisfy your cravings. We […]

10 Best Buffy Episodes

Just a little over ten years ago one of the (and it’s no exaggeration) greatest television shows ever created drew to an epic conclusion. The world was saved, the Slayer lived and she had changed the battle between good and evil forever! Buffy Summers was no ordinary high schooler and her show was no ordinary […]

True Blood returns – Trailer

Now that the Easter Weekend crammed with two very dramatic returns has passed it’s time to look to the summer as the blood suckers crawl out of the shadows once more and onto our TV screens! Everyone’s favourite outed vampires, Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica make their own return to HBO the 16th June at […]

Review: Nestor

Irish writer, Mike Lynch tackles one of the most popular supernatural creatures in fiction, the vampire. Nestor is the store of inner demons, love lost and revenge set against a Dublin city that is blissfully unaware of what lurks beneath the shadows. Check out our review now!