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6 Of TV’s Most Awkward Romances

Valentine’s Day has come around again and this year we’re not playing cupid, we’re the stumpy little ogre who plastered wings on its back with a glue stick.  The problem with Valentine’s Day is that some people feel the need to date someone so they’re not alone on February 14, and we’re here to tell […]

ValentineFlix : Rosie Blonde Zoo Assemble

Have you left all you Valentines planning to the last-minute, or do you simply consider yourself ‘spontaneous’? If it’s movies you’re looking for, you’re most definitely in the right place. Just chill. Netflix has you covered. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just in dire need of a good film to dive into, we’ve picked our […]

Screen Savers: The Notebook

Listen you’re going to have to watch this at some point in your life! Suck it up and deal with it! I did! And I’m a whole lot better for doing so! So grab that Ryan Gosling band-aid and rip it off, don’t peel, just rip! This is ‘Screensavers; and I’m watching The Notebook. F*ck Valentine’s’Day! What’s it […]

Fictional Feelings: Lauren’s Lads

Do you know how hard it is to choose just five fictional characters?! Seriously?! Incredibly difficult!  I changed this list numerous times, feeling bad whenever I left someone out. Maybe it’s because I watch so many different tv shows, or because I obsess over certain fandoms, or even play too many games. Bottom line, I guess I […]

Fictional Feelings: Dave’s Dalliances

I’m a happily married man. I’m also a human being with emotions and urges. Though instead of cute co-workers or glamorous movie stars, the only competition my wife faces are fictional characters some person made up. I’ve told her this on several occasions and, as someone who fancies Legolas way more than Orlando Bloom, she […]

Fictional Feelings: Laura’s Loves

Since we’re all about the love this week on The Arcade, we’re swamped by our feelings and we’re all fantasizing about our favourite fictional crushes, haunted by the love that can never be because they’re imaginary. I’m guilty of more than a few fictional crushes in my lifetime, spanning from the world of games to […]