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Emoji Heavy Tweet Hails Murray Wedding

We at The Arcade are not typically a site for Sports news, unless it has a direct bearing on core interests.  Suffice to say this morning’s tweet by Andy Murray fits the bill. Today the British tennis champion is getting married, and he took to Twitter to express the multitude of emotion and activities with which the day to […]

#IrishGameQuotes Best Thing on Twitter

Kudos to @AdventuringPty for showing us #IrishGameQuotes, a hashtag on Twitter that’s relatively new but already contains some serious gems. If you’ve ever thought what your favourite characters would sound like with a bit of the Irish bróg, then you need to start following this! Some of our favourites so far include;   “C’MERE TA ME!” […]

New To Twitter? Follow These!

Eight years have passed since the launch of the social media titan known as Twitter. To date over 200 million active accounts spout to the world their innermost thoughts, their queries, their clever puns — amongst plenty of challenging trending topics that seek to influence change. It is safe to say that with its eight […]

Who is #AlexFromTarget…

It sounds innocuous enough. Young guy works at a supermarket chain. Job informs his twitter handle. Still it is not so simple… Young Alex was snapped at work, that is the retail outlet Target. Lack of imagination not with standing, #AlexFromTarget went viral shortly after said snap was uploaded with Alex Lee (pictured) acquiring half […]

Star Wars VII Filming Wraps

That’s a wrap on set for Star Wars VII as shooting came to a close at Pinewood Studios in England. To mark the end of the project, director J.J. Abrams and producers Kathleen Kennedy and Brian Burke wrote and signed a card thanking the cast and crew of the film for their hardwork – the […]

Social Media and The Irish

Irish Life, Irelands largest life insurance and pension company recently posted an article displaying their findings from recent research for the launch of its new brand campaign “We Know Irish Life – We Are Irish Life”. Some of these findings were shared with the public and while although we can all account for some of […]