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Disney Has Cancelled Tron 3

We were so close. SO. CLOSE. Despite having started pre-production and having started assembling cast members, Tron 3 is no more as Disney have cancelled production. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, explaining that director Joseph Kosinski and actors Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were all primed for the film, with an offer to add […]

New Tron May Be Titled Tron: Ascension

Earlier this week it was revealed that Tron 3, slated to begin shooting this autumn, may have found its title as Tron: Ascension, as a tweet from Production Weekly states. Joseph Kosinski’s TRON: ASCENSION is planning to film in Vancouver from Early-October 2015 thru February 2016. http://t.co/ihBaFAc3O5 — Production Weekly (@prodweek) March 30, 2015 This […]

Tron 3 To Begin Shooting This Fall

Finally, Tron will be a trilogy! Badass Digest has confirmed the news that Tron 3, quite possibly Tron: Legacy 2, will be filming in Vancouver this fall. As of now there aren’t very many details other than Garrett Hedlund, the star of Legacy, is attached to return. This is something of a surprise as Tron: […]