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Warner Bros Release First Justice League Trailer

DC’s Justice League has only been in production a short while, and already they have amassed some awesome footage to whet our appetites. Released to the excited crowds in San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H, our first trailer sees Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince bringing together a team of “warriors” to defend against an imminent extraterrestrial threat. Check […]

Top 3 – Captain America Trailers

Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans)  has been on quite the rollercoaster since he first dropped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in July 2011. Frozen in ice, waking up decades later, Rodgers has faced Nazis, Hydra, an alien invasion, his best friend, and now in April 2016 he will come head to head with his long time […]

Top 3 – Iron Man Trailers

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), playboy, philanthropist, billionaire and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s inventor supreme. Creating an advanced armour to escape his Afghanistan prison, Stark paved the way for all the MCU movies that would soon follow. Saving the world more than a handful of times, from the Ten Rings, Alien Invasions, the “Mandarin” and […]

Friday Five at Five 24/10/2014

Another week another five things you might have missed – the Arcade has got you covered! #5 Jaden Smith for Static Shock Earlier this week it was announced that a live-action series based on the DC comic Static Shock was given the green light by Warner Bros. It seems almost natural that Warner Bros. would […]