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New DC Justice League Trailer Released

The new Justice League trailer released, bringing together a new band of heroes. The film follows closely after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer focuses heavily on the loss of Superman, and the effect his loss has on Lois Lane and the wider world around him. The trailer shows off a very grim world indeed, […]

The Disaster Artist Hits The Big Screen

Odds are, you know what movie I’m talking about when I say The Room. The film was so infamously bad that many have dubbed it the worst film ever made. Of course, that means the internet loves it. Who doesn’t love watching car crash movies? Following the success(?) of The Room, one of its stars Greg Sestero […]

The Dark Tower Gets A Second Trailer

With a little more than a month for its release date it was about time we got another Dark Tower trailer, and here it is: This trailer is a bit short compared to the other. And while the footage used is similar there are some new bits. The coolest bits here involve Roland’s reloading tricks, […]