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Top 10 SDCC Cosplays

We weren’t at SDCC this year, but we’ve been enjoying the steady stream of astonishing cosplay pics flowing from the yearly event. Here’s a list of our favourites! Unfortunately at a convention someone snaps a picture of an awesome cosplayer and never gets the cosplayer’s name, which makes it hard to give the cosplayer the […]

Sailor Moon: Top 10 Villains

With the long anticipated Sailor Moon reboot about to air, avid fans are rewatching, rereading and reliving the joy that the original series gave them in their adolescence. The reboot will see the original design and story from the manga adapted into an anime series thus giving a whole new generation a chance to enjoy […]

Avatar: Top 10 Non-Benders!

  In the world of Avatar, bending is obviously the focus. People are capable of incredible feats, whether it be manipulating the very blood in someone’s body, breathing huge jets of fire, hurling massive chunks of the earth itself at their enemies, or simply scooting around on a big ball of air. But what of […]