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Rewind: The Drop

Adapted from 2009 short story Animal Rescue by Dennis Lehane, The Drop (2014) is James Gandolfini‘s final film. Set in a neo-noir Brooklyn, the film tells of a bar, Cousin Marv’s, used by local gangs to launder and transfer money. One night, cousin Marv (Gandolfini) and bartender Bob (Tom Hardy) are closing up when two armed […]

YesFlix/NoFlix: Bates Motel Or Dexter?

Well this is a bit of a tough call to make. Which serial killer do you like the most and all that. Hopefully this will spark up a bit of debate amongst our readers, and although Bates Motel is really only in its infancy going into its third season and Dexter has been finished for […]

Rewind Review: Hard Candy

I first heard about Hard Candy years ago, so when I say I’ve been meaning to see it forever it’s almost not hyperbole. Feels good to cross a film (book, album) off ‘The List’, the ominous, ever-growing ‘List‘. Still, one of the worst things about relegating anything to ‘The List’ is that expectations are high.  […]

Review: Prisoners

There aren’t many fresh ideas to be found in the thriller and mystery genres. In fact their approach borders on being so stereotypical that audiences are probably able to guess who did what to who just by looking at the poster. Even the twistiest of plots is rendered predictable purely because viewers are expecting the […]

Trailer: Gravity

Ever since that episode of Futurama (yes this is going to sound really dumb) where Bender ends up floating through space, lost and alone I’ve always been afraid of something (I told you this was going to sound dumb!) like that happening to me should I ever be afforded the opportunity to you know…go into…space… […]

Episode 1 – The Following

Sharpen those wits, grab your smoking jacket and pipe, we've got a murder to solve! Or watch! The Following is a new thriller/cop show from FOX and with Kevin Bacon taking lead in the crime show, our interest was peaked. Anthony dons his scrubs and checks what all the serial killer fuss is about!