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It’s Time To Return To The Kingdoms Of Amalur

The fan favourite that is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is the next title to get the remaster treatment. It will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 & PC on August 18th. It’s being remastered by Kaiko Games, who worked on the recent remasters in the Darksiders and Red Faction franchises. Re-Reckoning will include all the previous […]

Wreckfest – Review

There is a number of racing games released over the years. Each have their own quirks, be it ultra realistic simulation like Gran Turismo, high octane and over the top multiplayer racers like Onrush, car combat games like Twisted Metal and the fun arcade style games like Burnout. There are many fans of each of […]

Darksiders III Force Hollow Revealed

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have revealed the new Hollow for Fury, with the Force Hollow. Hollows are powers bestowed upon Fury by the Hollow Lord to help her lead the Horsemen and defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. Once she’s unlocked them, Fury can switch between her four Hollows at will to adapt to her enemies and […]

Wreckfest Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

The currently released PC title Wreckfest, is set to come to consoles later this year. Created by developers Bugbear Entertainment, the original developers of the FlatOut series, Wreckfest is a mix of physics, metal crunching car combat and racing. A full on destruction derby, as you aim not to win laps, but to survive the […]

TimeSplitters IP Acquired Be THQ Nordic

The infamous TimeSplitters series is a much beloved FPS trilogy. Now it has been announced that the TimeSplitters IP has been acquired by THQ Nordic via their subsidiary Koch Media. The deal includes the rights to the previously released games and to future titles to be created. In short, a HD remaster or re-release of […]