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Style Saturday: Asgardian Bling

Continuing this week with the Asgardian theme, why not add a wow factor to your makeup? Dare to be bold and you can come up with something amazing that will be sure to turn a few heads. I’m a huge fan of non-traditional coloured lipsticks and think more people should jump on the bandwagon of […]

Style Saturday: Thor Vs Loki

Style Saturday is once again upon us and I thought it best this week to give The Arcade readers a little Asgardian fashion action, in celebration of our new Goddess of Thunder. This week we’re doing Thor Vs Loki. Tricky I know. After all, how do you translate armour into Spring style? Especially in Ireland […]

"If SHE Be Worthy" – Marvel Announce New Thor

Marvel have come out with an incredible and bold announcement today; Thor will no longer be a male character! This isn’t like She-Hulk (who is still an amazing character), this new Thor isn’t a spin-off series, this will be a permanent change. No ‘Lady-Thor’, no ‘She-Thor’, just Thor. “The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever […]