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Nerd Hero – Taika Waititi

For the past few weeks, I’ve been binge watching Netflix. Having watched What We Do in the Shadows (a film for all occasions) I finally got around to Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Since then, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi.  Born in the North Island to Maoi and Russian-Jewish parents, Waititi […]

Loki’s Thor: Ragnarok Costume Revealed

Tom Hiddleston has been seen wearing his Loki costumed in a (now deleted) Instagram photo posted by a South Korean fan. The image features Hiddleston, posing with the fan in costume, presumably on the set of Thor: Ragnarok. The costume hasn’t changed drastically since his previous appearance in Thor: The Dark World. However, more eagle-eyed […]

Tessa Thompson Joins Cast Of Thor: Ragnarok

Tessa Thompson, one of the stars of Creed, has signed on for a starring role as Chris Hemsworth‘s love interest in Thor: Ragnarok. According to Deadline, Thompson‘s character will have superpowers of some description and has signed a multi-picture deal to appear in several Marvel movies. Natalie Portman, who played Thor’s love interest Jane Foster […]

Thor: Ragnarok To Include The Hulk

Ragnarok is the apocalypse of Norse mythology. It is therefore understandable that in the case of Thor: Ragnarok (the third installment of the Marvel movie franchise) many have expectations that are above average. However, in the lead up to the movie’s production, details have come to light that give us reason to be hopeful. Reporting for JoBlo, Paul Shirey claims to have […]