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J.K. Rowling’s Cursed Child Scoops Award

The 62 annual London Evening Standard Theatre Award were held last night. J.K Rowling‘s hit play the Cursed Child was awarded the title of “Best Play of 2016.” Dame Maggie Smith known in the Potter universe for playing the amazing Professor McGonagall in the previous eight Potter movies, awarded Cursed Child director John Tiffany with the “Best Play” award. He said […]

Lucy Heartfilia Revealed For Fairy Tail Stage Play

Lucy Heartfilia, has been revealed for the upcoming stage version of Fairy Tail. A member of Team Natsu, the loyal (and obstinate) celestial wizard from the Fairy Tail guild will take to the stage portrayed by Ayu Manaka. The Fairy Tail manga, written by Hiro Mashima and published by Kodansha. The series tells the story of a world populated by wizards and the guilds […]

Natsu Dragneel Revealed For Fairy Tail Stage Play

The official Twitter account for the Fairy Tail live action stage play Live Fantasy Fairy Tail, has tweeted the first images of series protagonist and dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel in the flesh. The popular manga/anime series Fairy Tail is set in the fictional world of Earth-land, a world with powerful wizards and their guilds. The series revolves one guild in […]

Review: Macbeth NTL

Friends, gamers, readers lend me your ears. I have a confession.  I am a whore: a theatre whore.  However, the theatre can be a costly habit.  As a result I was overjoyed to learn of National Theatre Live, a commemorative project celebrating the NT’s 50th anniversary.  The premise: theatre productions are broadcast direct to cinemas.  […]