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Final Fantasy XV Influenced By The Last Of Us

As if the staff list and trailers weren’t enough to get you excited about Final Fantasy XV, it seems like every week there’s a new quote or interview segment designed to fan the fanboy fervor even further. This week, Epicstream are reporting that the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, has name dropped Naughty Dog’s magnum opus The Last of […]

Press Start: What Makes A Great Game?

Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s Press Start! For those who haven’t read this column before, I talk about anything to do with gaming. Each week I look at different aspects of the gaming world and give my opinion on them. That leads me up to this week’s topic of what exactly makes a good game? There […]

Interview: Troy Baker

At ArcadeCon we had the opportunity to sit down with actor and musician Troy Baker to discuss his career and what it’s like to voice some of the most memorable and popular characters in video games today. A big shoutout to the wonderful team over at Hello Deer Media. They are the amazing folk behind this […]