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Review: The Evil Within

Is it safe yet? Nope. Right, I’m gonna just stay back here for the time being. The Evil Within is out and if being chased by chainsaw wielding mutant zombie madmen through the wasteland of what’s left of the city is your thing, then this game is for you. Released as Psycho Break in Japan […]

Weekly Recap 31/05/2014

Missed out all the big news from the week? Fret not! I have you covered with his weekly recap of all the big and not so big news! Yes that’s right folks, after an extended hiatus, The Weekly Recap is back.  Just in time too, as E3 is just around the corner, but that doesn’t […]

Weekly Recap 16/02/2014

Watch Dogs still on track for April to June, Wii U version delayed One of the biggest games of 2012’s E3 was without a doubt WatchDogs, but in recent months the hype has certainly died down. Well if you still have a interest in the cyberpunk style open world adventure, its gotten a update in […]