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High Fantasy Avengers – Gallery

I was trawling through DeviantArt a couple of days ago (and silently crying at the talent of my peers) when I came across these amazing high fantasy inspired Avengers paintings. They were inspired by an artist called Kekai Kotaki and drawn by Daniel Kamarudin, otherwise known by his DeviantArt name theDURRRRIAN. Check out the awesome […]

Ant-Man Arrow Featured In Civil War Promotion

With Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man featuring in the upcoming Captain America threequel Civil War, comic book enthusiasts around the world held their collective breaths in the hopes of seeing this particular shot in some form. Facebook page Hablemos de Marvel have got their hands on some promotional images for the upcoming movie, and it’s glorious, as seen […]

Back Issues: Likeable Leaders

In almost every comic I’ve read, whether it’s about a group of superheroes taking on an alien invasion, or begrudging loners banding together to fight evil, there’s always a clear leader. However, just because someone is leading a group of merry heroes, doesn’t mean that they’re doing a good job. Or they could be great […]