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TGS 2015 Indie Spotlight: Thumper

Tokyo Game Show is a big event. Like, big. Nearly 200,000 attendees on it’s final day alone big and even in this increasingly digital age, that much foot traffic is nothing to be sniffed at. The big names aren’t the only companies displaying their wares, however, and a quick stroll over to the second hall […]

Tokyo Game Show 2015: Playstation VR

One of the most sought after showcases at this years TGS was always going to be Sony’s VR headset, previously known as Project Morpheus and unveiled at TGS 2015 as Playstation VR. Unsurprisingly, getting time on it was difficult, even on the press days with comparatively low attendance (a meager 29,000 people each day) but […]

Tokyo Game Show 2015: Criminal Girls 2

Now, I should point out some things about myself before I begin this preview. Firstly, I have a soft-spot for JRPGs with cute characters, even the rubbish ones. Secondly, I’m a slave to my baser male instincts and if your characters could feature in my haziest harem fantasies, you had me at hello. Finally, I’ve […]