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Must See Speedruns From SGDQ 2017

Summer Games Done Quick ended recently, having raised over 1.7 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders. The week long event that streams speedrun after speedrun has run twice a year for many years now and always raises an impressive amount of money for charitable causes. Sadly this year I missed most of the runs I […]

Tetris Movie To Be Part Of A Trilogy

In an interview with Empire, Larry Kasanoff has stated that Tetris movie will be the first part of a planned trilogy of films. When asked about the rumours of a trilogy, “That’s correct,” he confirms, “and purely because the story we conceived is so big. This isn’t us splitting the last one of our eight movies in […]

Geeky Goodies: Gamer Edition

Many of us likely spend a good chunk of our week trawling through sites featuring a wish list of toys and accessories, which ends up more like window shopping. As we’re pure evil here at The Arcade, we’re going to share a list of the top Geeky Goodies we’re lusting after this week. As Gamescom 2015 […]

Tetris… The Uh… Movie!

Yeah! You read that headline correctly, it’s not a spoof, logistically speaking there are people looking into a movie based on Tetris! The Wall Street Journal are reporting that Threshold Entertainment are teaming up with the Tetris Company to make a movie, a blockbuster movie, CEO Larry Kasanoff explained to the WSJ that the movie is […]

Banjo Guy Ollie: Tetris Theme A

 Not late just perfectly timed this week! Ollie is back and with purpose, this week he covers ‘Theme A’ from the iconic game Tetris.  Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. If you can’t find me writing, I’m probably in the kitchen! www.the-arcade.ie

Ubisoft Announce Tetris Ultimate

Proving that if you do something right the first, you won’t need to do it a second, Ubisoft have announced another new chapter in the Tetris franchise, Tetris Ultimate. For the first time, Tetris will land on next generation platforms, and will allow for 1-4 players to experience everything the age-proven game has to offer. […]