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Chris Hemsworth To Return In Star Trek 4

It looks like the next Star Trek movie will have two Kirks at the helm! Although J.J. Abrams did not direct the most recent instalment of the series, he still has much to say on its future. As early reports on Star Trek: Beyond seem largely positive, a sequel is extremely likely. On the subject, […]

Star Trek’s Sulu Comes Out

Helmsman Hikaru Sulu later Captain Sulu and more commonly referred to as Mr. Sulu has or rather will come out as a gay man in the next film. Star Trek’s Sulu first appeared in the pilot episode of the original series. Oh My! Writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung confirmed their decision to have Sulu […]

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer To Drop Tomorrow

Words by Kevin Coffey The second trailer for the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond will be released tomorrow, May 20. This comes after the first trailer (released back in December) was met with a lukewarm response for not feeling appropriately Star Trek, containing The Beastie Boys’ track ‘Sabotage’ and giving off an action movie vibe. The […]

Simon Pegg Confirms Star Trek 3 Title

Last month, we wrote about a rumour doing the rounds online about the possible title of Star Trek 3. It has now been confirmed that the name of the next movie in the franchise will be Star Trek Beyond. Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the popular films, confirmed the title on his website while trying […]