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Kirsten Dunst Hates Spider-Man Homecoming

Whenever a franchise gets rebooted, it’s always interesting to see what past stars think. In the case of the Spider-man movies, we’ve got an answer from Kirsten Dunst and it doesn’t look good. Seems like she’s not a big fan of our dear Underoo’s. Speaking in an interview with Marie Claire, Dunst is quoted as saying “We made […]

Black Cat And Silver Sable Movie In The Works

A new Spiderman spin-off is officially in the works from Sony Pictures. Sony are developing a Black Cat and Silver Sable-centred movie. Sony Pictures has been steadily building up on the Spiderman universe. They already have a Venom film currently deep in the development process. A version of the script has already been written by Westworld’s Lisa Joy. They have also hired […]

Get to Know Your Thanos – Back Issues

Thanos is the bad guy in the Avengers; Infinity War movie. We knew that. We double-know it now because Marvel Studios have gone and sort of re-announced that information. What you (and we) might not really know is just who the hell Thanos is. Even if you watch the movies like I do, Thanos has only […]

New Superhero Franchise From Stan Lee

Nitron is the the new superhero franchise unveiled by Stan Lee.  Here at The Arcade we don’t go in for jokes about people retiring. The legendary non-retiree just unveiled a new superhero franchise that has a Secret Invasion vibe about it. It’s is focused on an advanced species living in secret on modern earth.  An interesting […]

Marvel Heroes Want You!

Marvel Heroes is the new FREE to PLAY MMORPG winging it’s way to you from one of the minds behind Diablo and Diablo II, David Brevik and with a story that has been scripted by award winning writer Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil, Spiderman,Avengers). “The Cosmic Cube is a device of untold power capable of changing […]