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Skyrim Special Edition Announced for Xbox One, PS4 & PC

Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda have announced a next-gen edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim during their E3 conference last night. Aptly named the “Special Edition”, this new version includes all downloadable content available and a suite of graphical upgrades including volumetric lighting, screen-space reflections, dynamic depth of field and much more. While […]

£250,000 Special Edition Announced For Dying Light

I don’t suppose you’ve got €341,145.04 lying around the house somewhere? Or maybe you were smart and banked all that Communion/Confirmation/Birthday money? Well if you have then you’ll be able to fork it over for the “My Apocalypse” special edition of Techland’s Dying Light game which is due for release this Friday. The limited one […]

Watch_Dogs – Release Date and Collectors Editions

Ubisoft have revealed their highly anticipate title 'Watch_Dogs' is due for release on the 22nd of November this year and will be available on all current consoles and will be available for next gens too! On top of that we've got the lowdown on the special editions for gamers with cash! So click here to find out what your hard earned cash can get you!