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Sega Teases Sonic Runners for Mobile

In case you haven’t got enough Sonic the Hedgehog in your life, Sega have started teasing fans in Japan with the promise of a new free-to-play mobile game, Sonic Runners. Famitsu have previewed the game and have eluded to the mechanics of the game pointing out that some old favourites return in the 2D side-scrolling runner […]

Top 5 Video Game Bromances

Ah, the bromance. That vaguely homoerotic relationship between two men that breaks the walls of mere friendship and flourishes into something bigger and more beautiful and also subsequently creates some of the creepiest fanships and fictions I have ever seen. Bromances have spread from books to film to cinema to, of course, video games and […]

An Post Release Retro Game Stamps

An Post has issued a series of retro gaming stamps which feature some of the most iconic stars and games of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The four stamps include Pac-Man, who is without a doubt one of the first iconic videogame stars created.  Space Invaders also featurs as one of the arcade games that […]

Sonic VS. The Luas

Our favourite blue speedy hedgehog seems a little bored lately and what better way to blow off steam than by err… trying to outrun the Luas tram system in our very own nation’s capital! Okay it might not be the actual Sonic the Hedgehog but this guy dressed as Sonic is pretty cool too! Uploaded […]

Trailer: Sonic Boom

“Sonic Boom will take advantage of the innovative hardware of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with traditional elements of Sonic games, such as speed, also featured. The videogame will also introduce exploration, combat and a new Enerbeam tether mechanic that will allow the Sonic Boom world to be discovered in totally unique ways…We […]

Nintendo Direct News Roundup

With the latest Nintendo Direct just after passing us by, you could be like us and still trying to process all the information that Nintendo so generously plied us it! Fret not! I’ve made it my job to sift through it all and bring you some of the highlights from event! So let’s kick this […]