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Wolfwalkers Is Now Showing In Irish Cinemas

The latest animated feature film from Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon, Wolfwalkers, is now available in Irish cinemas. The film is co-produced by Melusine Productions and is an Apple TV original film. It is distributed by WildCard Distribution in Irish & UK cinemas. Wolfwalkers follows the story of a young English girl named Robyn Goodfellowe. Now […]

Cú Chulainn Movie In The Works

Exciting though it may be, it’s probably fair to say Irish folklore doesn’t get much big screen attention. Aside from the work of Tomm Moore (Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea), few examples spring to mind. Waterford based filmmaker Paul Bolger aims to change this with plans to put Cú Chulainn on the big screen. The […]