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Cumberbatch Urges Against Theatre Piracy

The career of Benedict Cumberbatch has gone from strength to strength. With his new recent venture as Shakespeare’s Prince of Denmark, some may hope it goes from strength to strength. However, on Saturday August 8, at the stage door of London’s Barbican Theatre, Cumberbatch was seen and filmed asking the public not to use recording devices in […]

Cosplay Closet: Pout, Pose And Promote

So, you’re sat ready with your cosplay and you’ve got everything you need to make yourself look damn badass (…or sweet as anything, whichever cosplay you’re going for!), and you’ve got all these awesome progress pictures, but you haven’t got a place to share them. Sure, you’ve got hundreds of Facebook friends and they’d appreciate […]

Revenge Porn Activists Lead The Charge On Social Media

Since coming forward as a victim of revenge pornography, YouTuber Chrissy Chambers‘ Change.org petition has reached over 90,000 signatures. However, in a video posted on her personal channel earlier this week, Jaclyn Glen (fellow YouTuber and Chambers’ personal friend) has urged sympathisers to change their social media profile pictures to the above image “in honour of the movement”. Chambers and […]

Ron Perlman Pushes For Hellboy 3 Online

About a week ago, Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) tweeted his desire to see the Hellboy films brought to a close with a final act. Since then, that tweet has been favourited over 15,000 times and retweeted nearly 20,000 times. More than that, according to JoBlo.com, “The hashtag has also moved to Facebook where it has been shared […]