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Paul | Screen Savers

For Screen Savers this week I chose the movie Eragon, but I always check to make sure it hasn’t been done. Unfortunately for me, it has already been done way back in 2015 and you can check that out here. At a bit of a loss of what to watch, my partner suggested the movie Paul. She […]

Nerd Icon- Edgar Wright

It’s time for Ian’s Nerd Icon! I noticed that my last two picks, H.G. Wells and Bela Lugosi, were rather ventage. Therefore, I thought I’d mix things up this week by choosing an icon who DIDN’T die years before I was born. As a writer and director, Edgar Wright ranks high among my favourite artists. Hot […]

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer To Drop Tomorrow

Words by Kevin Coffey The second trailer for the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond will be released tomorrow, May 20. This comes after the first trailer (released back in December) was met with a lukewarm response for not feeling appropriately Star Trek, containing The Beastie Boys’ track ‘Sabotage’ and giving off an action movie vibe. The […]

Simon Pegg To Join Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Enthusiasm for the film adaptation of Ernest Cline‘s sci-fi dystopia novel Ready Player One has been steadily growing since Steven Spielberg became attached as director. Any geeks eagerly anticipating the film’s release may be excited to learn of the addition of Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul) to a cast which already includes Olivia […]

Simon Pegg Confirms Star Trek 3 Title

Last month, we wrote about a rumour doing the rounds online about the possible title of Star Trek 3. It has now been confirmed that the name of the next movie in the franchise will be Star Trek Beyond. Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the popular films, confirmed the title on his website while trying […]

Third Star Trek Film Has A Rumored Title

Despite shooting on the movie beginning quite soon, intimate details about the hotly anticipated release have remained firmly under wraps. However, that doesn’t stop the internet. It’s rumored the title for the next film is set to be Star Trek Beyond, according to TrekMovie.com. They claim the name has been registered with the Motion Picture Association of […]