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Music Monday – ChipTUNES

There’s something about chiptunes that just appeals to me. Maybe it’s the idea of taking something with a limited scope and using it in new and interesting ways. Maybe it’s the throwback to the sounds of my childhood. Maybe it’s the much simpler reason that a good number of chiptune tracks are bloody great, so […]

Music Monday – 11/8/14

  Without too much preamble, I just want to introduce my seven track picks for this week! I’ve been listening to these artists and songs quite a bit recently, and hope you enjoy them! If you want to leave me a suggestion for any music, leave a comment below. I listen to all suggestions, and […]

Music Monday: 16/12/2013

Beyonce dropped a veritable Thor’s hammer on the music world this weekend by pulling an entire new album out of thin air and while it’s undoubtedly the biggest music story this side of 2014 (take that, X-factor), Mrs. Carter has yet to upload a single full track for public consumption. So frack that, here’s some […]

3 Chiptune Acts You Should Be Listening To

Chiptune as a genre is growing in popularity, with artists like I Fight Dragons having songs featured on WWE, Anamanaguchi crowdfunding nearly $280,000 on Kickstarter, and many modern electronic artists incorporating the signature bleeps and bloops of Gameboy Classics and Commodore 64s into their tracks. Hell, even ArcadeCon itself had the fantastic Chipzel as a […]