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Doctor Strange 2 Director Teases Fans

We’ve known since June that Doctor Strange 2 was happening. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed it over the summer while promoting Ant-Man and the Wasp. Feige did note that there would some significant time between the first film and it’s sequel. Not that we’re counting but it’s already been 2 years and we live in […]

Hulu Greenlights Locke & Key Pilot

Last year Joe Hill said he had plans for writing a Locke & Key pilot, adapting the comic book he co-created with artist Gabriel Rodriguez. He wanted to shop the project at different streaming platforms and TV channels for a potential TV show. A Locke & Key TV series is closer than ever, because Hulu […]

Review: Deliver Us From Evil

Mainstream horror gets a bad rap, and most of the time deservedly so. Its often not as good as the horror that remains with the undertow and the rarities that are are often again part of the lower end of the ‘good’ spectrum. There has been a divide created over the last year or two, […]