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NASA Discovers Storm On A Star

Astronomers have discovered the first ever star with a storm. This revelation has caused scientists to question how cloud storms are formed in space. Astronomers from Canada and the United States found a star with a giant storm – something that has never been seen before. The storm has been compared to the Red Spot on […]

Scientists Develop Working 'Brain Net'

The future is fast approaching it seems. This past week has seen papers published that features work on creating a mind net between animals, one on monkeys, another on rats. The former had a group of three monkeys controlling a robotic arm. Each of the monkeys had control of a sub portion of the arm’s […]

Event: The Festival Of Curiosity

Looking to do something fun at the end of July? You’re in luck, as The Festival of Curiosity is set to return! Founded in Dublin, the festival is one of Europe’s most innovative and fun events full of science, culture, arts and curious technology. We think Professor Elemental would be a fan! During the day, […]

NASA: New Horizons Finds Its Destiny At Pluto

On February 18 in 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered the celestial body that is Pluto. I say celestial body because in 1992, due to the acknowledgement of the existence of the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt following the discovery of 1992 QB, Pluto was downgraded to a Dwarf Planet which is, if you ask me, a terrible case of planetary […]