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Captive State Is A World Dominated By Aliens

Alien invasion is a very old genre. As is dystopia. However, a dystopian fiction where the aliens have already won is pretty rare. With the exceptions of horror films like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, I can’t think of many films that explore society with extraterrestrials completely in control. It is this precise society that Rupert […]

Forgotten Childhood: The Last Starfighter (1984)

The Initial Release (1984) The initial concept for The Last Starfighter originated from writer Jonathon R. Butuel. It was derived from the growing trend of companies gaining multi-million dollar sales in merchandise that accompanied their successful science fiction properties. Butuel saw an opportunity for profit, particularly in regards to arcade gaming. The idea was to release […]

Book Club Review: Frankenstein

Last time, the subject of The Arcade’s weekly Book Club Review was a work that focused on a man’s life through chemistry. This week’s book is a work that speculates that the natural sciences (‘natural philosophy’ as it was known) might create life: Frankenstein. It is, of course, a book that is as well-known as it is misunderstood: many think […]

Book Club Review – 2001: A Space Odyssey

I first thought about writing this review when the BBFC re-released Stanley Kubrick‘s classic 2oo1: A Space Odyssey in 2014 and then again following Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar that same year. When Ex_Machina came out, it occurred to me once more. I kept looking for what seemed like a fitting occasion to pick up the novel that Arthur C. Clarke wrote in tandem with the Kubrick […]

Red Dwarf Returns On Dave In 2016

Next year one of the best loved sci-fi comedy shows will return to the airwaves.  Starting out as a cult, Red Dwarf has been enjoyed the world over. According to cultbox.co.uk: “Original cast members Craig Charles (Lister), Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) will all be back.” Indeed ‘getting the band back […]

Retro Review: Metropolis

What you are about to read (assuming you go on) was originally billed as a Rewind Review. However, for a  film celebrating its centenary in just over a decade, that is too much of a stretch. Even so, the film has a renewed pertinence in light of the recent sci-fi release Interstellar; along with Metropolis being […]