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Gif Essay: Otaku Haze

Right fine I’ll admit it I might have been/currently still in a hardcore Anime marathon/binge/wasting my life spree! I’m proud of it and no there haven’t been any terrible side effects to report! I mean I’m suffering from partial blurred vision, sure I hear everything one pitch higher than it should normally sound, a migraine […]

Gif Essay: Netflix And Chill

So this is apparently a thing that young people are doing and I’m hardly old (I’m older though) but when bae text asking to Netflix and chill recently I didn’t quite realise what was expected of me! Much to my own amusement and their annoyance! Allow me to elaborate in the best way I can… […]

Gif Essay: Surviving Horror

There are those of us out there who love nothing more than being scared to our wits end! Think about it! Why else would we clamber into rollercoaster carts, throw ourselves out of planes or dive with sharks. Fear keeps us alive and gets the adrenaline pumping faster than any other emotion we experience (I […]

Gif Essay: The Struggle

Anyone who has ever played an online game with a ranking system will know what I mean with that title. Often, players find themselves at odds with not only their opponents, but their team mates, their internet connection and even themselves. For over 3 years now I’ve been an avid League of Legends player. I’ve […]

Rewind Review: Spaceballs

With Mel Brooks confirming a second Spaceballs, the first demands a second look.  Originally released 1987, the film is a spoof, mocking sci-fi tropes and the franchise mentality alike. Spoilers ahead. The spoofing starts right at the off, with an episodic script that recalls the beginning of Star Wars, the sci-fi franchise of franchises. The use of […]

Music Monday – 24/11/2014

Last few Music Mondays I’ve done have had a theme. Time for a change. Here is a run-down of the tunes cluttering my head. These are the tracks that come to me when I need them. Enjoy. The Crusaders – Put it Where You Want It (1972) These fellas will transport you back to the […]