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First Look At New Samurai Jack

The first image for Genndy’s Tartakovsky’s new Samurai Jack have surfaced online. The image was shared at the Annecy Festival D’Animation in France.  The series first aired on Cartoon Network back in 2001 and this new revival will slot into the Adult Swim Toonami block. First promo art from Genndy Tartakovsky A photo posted by #cartoonbrew (@cartoonbrew) on Jun […]

Forgotten Childhood: Samurai Jack

In 2001, while I withered my youth away in secondary school, I picked up a little bit of an addiction. Truthfully, I watched Samurai Jack to the point of near obsession, even going so far as to keep a babysitting job with what was possibly Ireland’s creepiest father for the sole purpose of watching the show. […]