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Throwing Shade – EwTube

I’m not a fan of the heat, the warm weather or the sun! I The worst thing about all this lovely happy sunshine is the happy positive mood it puts every single person in! It’s sickening! Me personally, I love the shade! It’s a cold dark place where those of us of a b*tchier disposition […]

Jinkx Monsoon – Creep

I’m not even remotely ashamed to say that RuPaul’s Drag Race makes for the best reality TV show experience ever because it knows exactly what is and the same can very much be said for  the winner of Season 5 (and my favourite Queen to win to date), Jinkx Monsoon. The showstopper has released a […]

Music Monday 20/10/2014

Do you ever get home Friday after a long week in work/school only to go to bed and wake up to find that somehow it’s Monday morning?  You better say yes to that otherwise I’m going to start googling symptons and my hypochondria won’t be stoppable! My weekend is missing and Monday feels just that […]