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Personal Identity And RPGs

One of my first articles on this website was a piece on the many habits one develops over the years whilst playing RPGs. These habits are inevitable of course, so many years of play will simply train you into it. But I had to wonder how many habits do people specifically build into their characters […]

Shout Out: Storybrooke, We Are Both

Storybrooke has awoken from its curse of twenty-eight years and now that everyone remembers what was done to them by the Evil Queen, there are more than a few who would see her head on a spike. But this our World and here, the rules are different. With dark magic now at the hands of […]

Arcadio Episode III: Roleplaying Games

Anthony, Naomi, Ryan and I spent all of last weekend locked in a room with nothing but character sheets, dice and pencils… the result? An epic three day adventure that took us from the ruins of a city under siege to a forgotten monastic settlement deep within a frozen Tundra and mountain range. Episode III […]